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Outdoor Fixtures
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Item Title
POST TOP VBTP: Outdoor Fixture
VANDALIER 15" ROUND: VR15 General Outdoor Illumination
VANDALIER 11" ROUND: VR11 General Outdoor Lighting Fixture
VANDALIER 12"X12": VS12 General Outdoor Lighting
VANDAL SQUARE 8" X 8": Outdoor Perimeter Lighting
VANDALIER 5" X 8": VS5 General Outdoor Lighting
TBL LED BOLLARD - Outdoor Bollard
TUBALOID III - Outdoor Bollard Lighting Fixture
TUBALOID V - Outdoor Bollard Lighting Fixture
LITTLE PROTECTOR - Low Pressure Sodium Entry Fixture
CHAIRMAN - Cast Metal Outdoor Decorative Pole Mount
POST-UP - Post - Top Lighting Fixture
TERRIS - Decorative Light Fixture
UNDERDECKER - Low Pressure Sodium Linear Deck Mount Fixture
WALLMOST 0-40 - Low Pressure Sodium Outdoor Wall Mount Fixture
WALLMOST 034 - Industrial Outdoor Wall Mount Fixture
TUBALOID TYPE 4 - Sea Turtle Friendly Bollard
TUBALOID TYPE II - Lo Pressure Sodium Outdoor Bollard
TUBALOID TYPE I - LED Outdoor Bollard Lighting Fixture
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  • LED LIGHTING  ( 111 items )

    A word from the desk of the President of Voigt Lighting about LED lighting

    LED lighting or Light Emitting diode is an exciting technology that is coming into its own at this time. It promises to provide energy savings, reduction in maintenance costs and change our industry. This next generation light source is being tapped for general illumination purposes in both commercial and residential applications.The technology although not new is still in its infancy with much more work to be done, in order for it to evolve into a full blown lighting source, much the same way that we currently view Metal halide and Fluorescent technologies.LED’s require more attention to how they are put together within a specific luminaire with regard to how they interact with the other components more so then any of the current mainstream technologies that are out there.Our goal at Voigt is to marry these components so that we achieve higher outputs, better luminous efficacy and a long life so that our products live up to the promise of longer life, less maintenance and ultimately save energy costs and help our environment.Voigt Lighting is a member of the Department of Energy Solid State Lighting program and has taken a pledge to provide the best in LED technology as is possible.

    Thank you.

    Paul Goldberg


    Ph: 973.928.2252

    Fx: 973.478.0152

    Cell: 610.533.6260

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  • Decorative Fixtures  ( 28 items )