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Introducing an innovative Indirect lighting solution to breathe new life into interior space and allow human activity with comfort. Indirect Lighting solutions achieve this with elegance and funtionality and as design instruments used by Architects and Lighting and Interior designers and engineers. The Indirector series provides efficient comfortable and both effective and practical photometric performance.

Voigt offers such precision optical performance super-imposed on a wide variety of shapes and configurations utilizing various HID and fluorescent light sources commonly available. A number of standard Configurations are popular Voigt Designs. Voigt encourages Custom creations or variations.


• Pool Areas
• Offices
• Gymnasiums
• Auditoriums

Auto Showrooms
Racket Courts

Fixture series Lamp Lens Suspension Length Finish Voltage Options
Round Indirector 400w-MH N/A SC 36" WH 120 GLR

Up to 9-26w-PLT
Up to 9-32w-PLT
Up to 9-42w-PLT
Up to 9-57w-PLT
Up to 9-70w-PLT

DL-Downlight Lens

SC-Swivel canopy-36" Standard.
RC-Rigid Canopy-36" Standard.
CE-R-Ceiling mount ballast rigid mount.
CE-SC-Ceiling mount ballast w.swivel canopy & stem

RB-Remote mount

RB-EP-Remote mount (Encapsulated & Potted Ballast) 

36" Std. for all stem lengths for other indicate WH White Custom Colors and RAL colors available
contact Voigt.
DL-Downlight lens
SD-Stepped Housing
ASY-Asymetric Output
QRS-Quartz Restrike
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