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Introducing the Voigt STYM-U-LITE designed and engineered for maximum efficiency light for Commercial Growth Interiors. We consider it to be the most effective Artificial Illumination for Plant growth Stimulation.

• Accelerate Plant Growth up to 30%
• Improve Winter Quality
• Increase Existing Plant Productivity
• Introduce Minimum Shadow from Natural Light

Standard and Optional Features :

• Lamps-250 to 400 watt HID
• Lens for Misting Protection
• Optional Cord lengths
• Nema Plug

Enclosure for Metal Halide Lamp

Fixture series Lamp Lens Suspension Length Finish Voltage Options
GR 400wMH X Ch XX" GW 120 LM

GR-10-Shallow Unit
HPS-400 watt
HPS-250 watt
HPS-1000 watt
MH-400 watt
MH-1000 watt

Wattages as above
Glare Ban lens for Metal halide Ch-chain hung XX"-Specify length in inches from ceiling to top of fixture GW Gloss White is standard

L-250-Includes lamp
L-400-Includes lamp
L-1000-Includes lamp
LM-Lens for Misting protection
W-3-3' Cord attached to unit. Show other size if required, W4-4',W5-5',etc
PL-NEMA configuration plug(order cord separately)
F-Single Fuse
FF-Double Fuse
ENC-Enclosure Required for metal Halide Lamps.

GLR Fixture fuse
GMF Slow blow fixture fuse
CP-8' white cord with straight pug
DIM1 Advanced Mark VII dimming ballast (Not available for PL-H)
DIM2 Advanced Mark X dimming ballast (Not available for PL-H)
DIM4 Lutron Hi-Lumen dimming ballast (42W CFL only)

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