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download pdf of HBF


The new praetor series luminaires utilizes the latest energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps combined with electronic ballasts. The design provides careful attention to the thermal vulnerabilities of both lamps and ballasts thereby providing optimum output and component life.

Designed for use in areas requiring high levels of white light this architecturally appealing low mount luminaire family features instant-on high output and switched multi-light level capacity. Back up battery packs and dimming ballasts are available. Unique brightness control allows mountings much lower than possible from other fixtures with this large lumen package, while providing energy savings over comparable H.I.D luminaires. Further, this fixture family is compatible with occupancy sensor or photo control techniques.

Fixture series Lamp Lens Suspension Length Finish Voltage Options
Praetor 8-42 AC SC 24 WH 120 W3-3'
I-70 2 to 9-26w-PLT
2 to 9-32w-PLT
2 to 9-42w-PLT
2 to 6-57w-PLT
2 to 6-70w-PLT

1 to 2-70w-Induction
1 to 2-100w-Induction 

Other lamp combinations- contact Voigt

AC-Acrylic prismatic SC-Swivel Canopy-24" STD
RC-Rigid Canopy-24
H-Mounting Hook
CM-Ceiling Mount 3/4" HUB
N/A WH-Standard.
Custom colors and RAL colors available-contact Voigt
W3-3'Cord-Advise #Conductors
WG-Wire Guard
BAT-1-Emergency Battery Back up
CS-Safety Cable
QM-4-Quartermaster Dimming System by Voigt
DIM-1 Advance Dimming Ballasts-indicate Type
DIM-2 Advance Custom
SL-Multiple Switch Lines(indicate number needed)
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