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Introducing an innovative Recessed Energy Saving Fixture by Voigt. The Argos is designed for a variety of indoor applications with a choice of many lighting options and accessories. It is also an energy saving fixture utilizing today’s advanced flourescent technology.


The Argos Fixture is a high performance recess fixture that can utilize a variety of lamp color temperatures to tackle various indoor requirements.

- Office Buildings
- Schools
- Supermarkets
- Gymnasiums
- Indoor Courts
- Lobby Areas
Standard Optional Features:
- White recess metal housing
- Designed to run cool
- Step dimming with our
patented Quartermaster
Switch Technology
- Step dimming ballasts
- Prismatic Lens
- Polycarbonate Lens
- Milk white Lens
- Clear Lens
- Emergency Ballast
Fixture series Lamps/Wattage Lens Suspension Length Finish Voltage Options
Argos 4/42-UNIV Pr R XX" W 120 BAT-1
Square Recess Fixture
26 watt-8 lamp max
32 watt-8 lamp max
42 watt-8 lamp max
57 watt-8 lamp max
70 watt-8 lamp max
Up to 6-40
watt BIAX lamps

Pr-Standard Prismatic Acrylic
PC-Polycarbonate lens
WH-White Acrylic
CL-Clear Acrylic
RWL-Custom round white frame with white or Prismatic lens
LO-9 Cell Parabolic Louver

R-Recess Ceiling Fixture XX"-Specify length in inches from ceiling to top of fixture W-White Finish is Standard Custom Color Available 120

QM-4 Quartermaster Dimming System by Voigt
Dimming Ballast
DIM1-Advance Mark VII
DIM2-Advance Mark X
DIM4-Lutron HI Lumen 42 watt PLT-Only
SL-Multiple Switch Lines (Indicate number needed).

BAT-1-Emergency Ballst
W-3-Conductor Cord

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