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Introducing the Voigt Cymone, designed and engineered for maximum efficiency utilizing High output Biax fluorescent lamps. Cymone is a superior alternative to HID lighting and is extremely Energy efficient saving as much as 50% when compared to HID lighting. Modern Electronic ballasts allow for Cold Starting to 0 degree without warmup, near silent operation.

If you are serious about saving energy then our Cymone fixture may be the perfect solution. Lighting in commercial buildings accounts for approximately 30% of the electricity costs. Voigt can help reduce energy costs with our fixture solutions.

Our Cymone Fixture model is both available with our unique ballast technology that allows for excellent energy savings without sacrificing performance. Utilizing 8-40 watt biax lamps, the Cymone draws only approximately 224 watts of power while effectively driving the 320 watts of lamp lumen output. Save ENERGY, Save on INSTALLATION COSTS when compared to an HID high bay alternative.

Utilize our Easy to use and simple to install Voigt Patented Quartermaster Dimming Controller System and SAVE even more on your energy consumption.

Perfect for retail, office, schools, supermarkets, industrial, sports applications and more.

Fixture series Lamp Lens Suspension Length Finish Voltage Options
Cymone 8-40WBX AC AC 36 WH UNIV BAT-1
C-30 F-39bx-up to 8 lamps
F-40bx-up to 8 lamps
F-50bx-up to 8 lamps
F-55bx-up to 8 lamps

Induction Lighting-contact Voigt

Acrylic Lens
SWAC-Optional smooth white acrylic lens

SWDC-Smooth white polycarbonate lens
AC- Aircraft Cable-36" Std.
SC-Swivel Canopy
RC-Rigid Canopy
XX"-Specify length in inches for aircraft cable or stem 

WH White is Standard


Custom color Contact Voigt


BAT-1battery pack
DIM1 Advanced Mark VII dimming ballast
DIM2 Advanced Mark X dimming ballast
QM-4 Quartermaster Dimming system by Voigt (available on all multiballast electronics)
SL-Multiple Switch Lines(specify number of lines needed)
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