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For a clear aesthetic choice.

The Performance and beauty of precision crafted extruded aluminum.
The Sky Beam series by Voigt is an architectural building block.
A wide range of design and lighting options is available to meet almost any job requirement for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Design your own Sky Beam to meet your requirements.


• Commercial
• Office
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Supermarkets
• Industrial
• Lobby
• Parking Garage
• Stadiums

Fixture series Lamp Optics Lense Suspension Length Finish Voltage Options
Sky-Beam 3/120PLH U LP FWM 18 GW 120 DIM-1
C-52 1 to 3 lamps-Indicate # of lamps in each section and Type and wattage

systems contact Voigt
MR-16 Lamps-contact Voigt
U-Up light

D-Down light

DIF-Diffusing reflector if this suffix is not included then an aluminium reflector is automatically furnished.
LO-Louver-1/2"x1/2" plastic(up light only)

LP-Prismatic Lens
LW-Lens White Diffuse
LCL-Lens clear enclosing

FWM-Floating Wall Mounted
DWM-Direct Wall Mounted
R-18-Round Canopy w/ 18" Stem
S-18-Rectilinear canopy w/ 18" stem
AC-Air Craft cable

If other stem required,please indicate.

Stem Length

AC-Air Craft cable

GW Gloss White is Standard

Custom color and RAL available contact Voigt

ASY-Asymmetric Reflector
C-Corner Section
T-Tee Section
DIM1 Advanced Mark VII dimming ballast(Not available for PL-H)
DIM2 Advanced Mark X dimming ballast.
Other Dimming Specify
BAT-1-Emergency Battery Back up
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