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Aesthetically styled in pure architectural form for all low pressure sodium lamps (18 watt, 35 watt, 55 watt, 90 watt, 135 watt and 180 watt). Also available for HID lamps as well. Contact Voigt.

Outdoor Energy-Dollar Saver Check-Chart

Where you seek to:

  • Protect visitors in a parking lot
  • Secure a fence against intruders
  • Highlight a building entrance.
  • Provide visibility for your watchman

Pour light into a loading 18-wheeler or Assure proper T.V. surveillance lighting. The wall-Most family does it exceptionally well and attractively using fewer watts and ofte for a much smaller dollar outlay.

Fixture series Lamp Optics Lense Suspension Length Finish Voltage Options
0-40 0-40 35/55w LPS xx PC WM xx DB 120 xx
Wall mount
0-40 - w/35/55wLPS lamp
0-41 - w/90wLPS lamp
0-42 - w/135w-LPS lamp
0-43 - w/180w-LPS lamp

*For other lamp combinations contat Voigt
Optional Custom Louver as pictured PC- Polycarbonate Wall Mount N/A Dark Bronze-STD.
Custom and RAL colors available contact Voigt
ES-Emergency Lighting Socket for 15w Bayonet Base-T-7 lamp.
NB-Unit without Ballast for Remote mounting
PI-Internally Mounted Photocell(120v only)
PR-Twist Lock Photocell Receptacle
SD-1-Internal Shield for 0-36
SD-2-Internal Shield for 0-37
SD-3-Internal Shield for 0-38
SD-4-Internal Shield for 0-39
TP-Vandal Resistant Tamper Proof Screws
CL-Custom Louver contact factory


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