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download pdf of HBF


The Chairman is an elegant outdoor lighting instrument, handcrafted for mood, function or pure illumination.

Uplight shield is optional
Standard finish-black baked-painted
Hinged concealed door
Clear plastic window material firmly held in place by silicone sealant and support clamps
Select the illumination element & window treatment desired
All metal parts sold cast aluminum
Mounts on standard 3” O.D. tenon
Set screws to anchor unit solidly
For H.I.D. units only, post-line ballast suspends in poke or mounts in transformer base, by others.


Fixture series Lamp Optics Lens Length Finish Voltage Options
Chairman 3/120PLH US GL N/A BL 120 XXXX
1 each as follows:

Up to: 250w-MH or HPS
1-65w Induction system
1-85w Induction system
1-165w Induction system
Incandescant and Florescent options available contact Voigt

Postline ballast available up to 250w
ALL HID units require remote ballast.-ADD suffix IPB for Post LIne Ballast
US- Uplight shield optional GL-Glass
PC- Polycarbonate

BL-Black is standard
DB-Dark Bronze
SL-Satin Aluminum
Various custom configurations available-contact Voigt


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